The Initial Conversation
This is either over the phone or in-person depending on your location. We are based in NYC. We discuss your ideas, the chosen song, timeline and budget. You must have a budget available. We do not work for free or barter.

The Bid
Once we agree that joe's is the best production company for your video, we discuss video concepts in-depth. We nail down the concept, shooting location(s) and number of shooting days, then joe’s will put together a bid to execute that concept. Our bids are straight-forward, with our costs listed. Expect to spend a minimum of $10k/day of production to have a video shot in film with a professional crew. More if you are looking for special effects. It is possible to shoot a video for less if there is not a deadline and you have access to free or reduced transfer, post, film etc. We will shoot in DV only if absolutely necessary or if the concept demands it.

The concept is continued to be fleshed out with an eye towards final marketing and promotion. The more time available for pre-production, the better the video.

Either we come to you or you come to us. The production days are long as we strive to get every detail correct and make you look as good as possible.

Post Production
Coloration. Effects. Editing. Each video has its own personality and post-production is the…

Marketing and Promotion
This is the most important part. Without promotion, all the hard work we just did doesn’t matter. Throughout this process, we always keep one eye on marketing. When we’re done with the video, we can hook you up with a discounted rate from top independents in the industry for video promotion, radio promotion and publicity.